Ad Lounge

Ad Lounge is a 5500+ person community dedicated to creating unexpected and inspiring events that help marketers stay ahead of the curve, stay connected.

But its website was aged in terms of design and presentation of information. I redesigned the CMS-based website to allow for a scalable UI language and streamlined UX guidelines. It has a clear structure and a unified visual identity.

The Evaluation of Current Website

After evaluation of current website and interviews within the organization, some of the main findings are as follows:

It’s not clear what this company does overall. The IA is not clear and the navigation system needs to be redesigned: for example the Event Section, which is the most critical content, is getting lost within the site.

Findability needs to be improved: for example it's hard for the users to find the events they might be interested in.

The visual design underlines the feel of outdatedness. The visual hierarchy is weak and it lacks a unified powerful visual identity that can accommodate its event sub-brands. The homepage doesn't leave the user with a positive first-impression: wordy, bombarded and boring.

The dropdown menu is the only entry point to all the events.

Inactive socia media and news feed have high priorities in the homepage.

All event sub-brands have totally different look and feel.

Goal and Objectives

The main goal of this project is to renew the Ad Lounge website into a creative and experiential environment that showcase industry-related trends and topical items in a user-friendly way. Objectives that came with this goal:

  • Transfer information in an attractive and easy-to-understand manner.
  • Draw more attention to events-related info through design and functionality.
  • Sleek redesign of website onto a Wordpress platform, allowing clients to edit the content themselves

Structuring The Experience

Collaborating with the client, I conducted a content audit and updated the site architecture. I simplified the content by:

  • omitting the content that wasn't serving a purpose like the news feed section.
  • reorganizing the events pages into pre-events and post-events.
  • breaking things up into modules, prioritizing them and sketching out ideas for each one and how they might be laid out on the page.

↑ Updated Sitemap of Ad Lounge Website

↑ Modulars of Pre-event Template

↑ Modulars of Post-event Template

Visual Design

The new experience will emphasize on who Ad Lounge is and what events Ad Lounge have brought to us.

Regarding the homepage I did for example the followings : Creating a section for Ad Lounge introduction and what people say about it; Highlighting 3 featured events with a “See All Events” CTA leading users to “Events” Page.

“Events” Page showcases all the 5 event series ; the upcoming events are treated differently to be prominent.

Unify the design of all the event series by using similar page structure while differentiated by imagery, colors and background pattern.


Events Page

Taking accessibility into consideration

I tested color contrast compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). The color palette conforms with WCAG 2.0 Level AA.

With responsiveness in mind, I started with presenting content suitable for the small screens and then enhanced it for the desktop.