A navigation concept for providing safer routes in big cities, which could be built into existing navigation tools.

Solo travellers are exposed to a higher risk of accident or assault when travelling in an unknown big city. SafeRoute recommends relatively safer routes by leveraging machine learning and openly available crime data.

The Vision

Fast is only one option. SafeRoute is trying to show people how to avoid dangerous spots on city streets while walking from one place to another - finding paths that offer trade-offs between safety and distance.

Structuring The Experience

Job story (a)

After 3-day business trip in Chicago, I'd like to walk around in the city before I leave tomorrow. I heard that Chicago has a relatively high crime rate. Google map only shows me the shortest path. But I am willing to take a little bit of a longer walk if it means I have to worry less about crime.

Job story (b)

It's my first time to visit New York City. I know some popular destinations but I also need recommendations for where to go and how to get there safely.

↑ Happy path of Earliest Testable Version

Proposed Routes

In the example below, different proposed routes for pedestrian are color-coded. The shortest path is in dark grey. It will be in red if it is considered unsafe; The most convenient path without stairs is in blue and the safest route is in green.

Different travel modes. Will be in red if it's considered unsafe.

E.g. Pedestrian options based on length of walk and safety of route.

Show alert message if unsafe travel mode is seleted

Iterations of displaying proposed routes info. The idea is to keep users focused on comparing different routes once a travel mode is chosen.

A Dose of personalization

In order to make the cities more livable, SafeRoute also provides personalized location-based recommendations. Have a few hours to kill before the flight? Solo travellers would like to explore a city by treading its streets and wandering between the buildings.

Search entry and suggestions for nearby places on homepage

Destination details/description page

Preference options to customize the recommended attractions